For over 60 years Deer Valley Ranch has been bringing families together to experience a true Colorado vacation. Guests experience a variety of adventures through our expeditions – horseback riding, rafting, fly fishing, rock climbing and rappelling, and many more. During their stay they are housed in our comfortably rustic cabins and enjoy a wholesome culinary experience.

To provide the greatest service to our guests, we rely on exceptional summer staff members. Typically aged 18-23, our staff come from across the country from a variety of university and work backgrounds. Serving wholeheartedly for a summer season requires a specific set of personality traits and skills, but most importantly it requires a willingness to serve the Lord and each other, even when the hours are long and the weeks are longer.

Working as part of the Deer Valley Ranch team will not only be the adventure of a lifetime, but it is also an exceptional opportunity to develop your skills as an employee, Christian, and team member through a dynamic work environment. Living, working, and recreating with a core group of fellow Christians for three months will provide you with unparalleled levels of community and fellowship, and our year-round staff is dedicated to serving your needs and equipping you with the skills you’ll need to succeed after Deer Valley.


No matter the specific position, our ideal applicant possesses the following characteristics and traits:

  • A dedicated work ethic and attention to detail
  • High levels of self-awareness
  • The ability to work independently as well as with a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to manage themselves in an organized, productive, and upbeat manner
  • Able to accept constructive criticism and guidance from a leader with a positive and respectful attitude
  • Please note that CPR/First Aid certifications are required for all wranglers, kid’s, teen’s, and adventure program employees. Acceptable First Aid/CPR programs include Heartsaver or Heartsaver Plus CPR, Infant and Child CPR, Daycare or Babysitting CPR, Community CPR, Adult CPR or CPR for the Professional Rescuer.


The benefits of working at Deer Valley Ranch are countless and are sure to provide you with a fantastic summer experience.  Staff members are able to use all of the ranch’s amenities and services, provided the guests’ use comes first. These include:

  • Hot spring-fed swimming pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis
  • Coffeehouse saloon – serving specialty coffees, smoothies, and snacks
  • Horseback riding with our wrangling staff
  • Whitewater rafting at a discounted rate
  • Access to the Colorado Trail from the ranch – open for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding
  • Fly fishing on the famed Arkansas River
  • Opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development
  • Mentorship and fellowship with fellow staff members

If you have any questions regarding the application process, employment expectations, or would like to speak with a staff member, please call us at (719) 395-2353 or email us at

Deer Valley Ranch operates a full-service coffeehouse saloon located on the ranch premises. Applicants must have previous experience making specialty coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, etc. The baristas will also be responsible for maintaining the saloon space and surrounding pool deck areas, as well as assisting with general ranch programming and housekeeping tasks.
Season: Summer

This position will work directly with our KID’S & TEEN’S PROGRAM Leader to plan, coordinate, and implement a variety of activities for our guests ages 4-17. Applicants should be extremely responsible and comfortable with interacting with parents and grandparents, and be able to work closely with another individual for the duration of the summer. Applicants with a background in education, youth ministry, etc. and encouraged to apply.

Deer Valley Ranch runs a full kitchen during our peak season (May to October). We serve three meals daily and are looking for high quality staff to assist in the preparation and presentation of meals. Duties include, but may not be limited to: preparing and cooking/baking food, assisting with “off-ranch” meals such as Wrangler’s Breakfasts, serving meals, operating buffets, etc. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in the culinary arts, or someone who simply enjoys cooking. All Kitchen Assistants work under the direction of the Kitchen Manager.

We hire a few maintenance/program assistants are hired each summer. Main responsibilities include landscaping, daily pool care, painting, trash removal, lawn care, maintenance and care of ranch vehicles, minor facility repairs and assistance with general programming activities. These staff members are critical in order to provide top-level service to our guests during their Colorado vacation. General knowledge of and experience with mowers, tools, and manual transmissions is recommended but not required.

The majority of our staff are hired for this position which rotates between dining room work, kitchen clean-up and the cleaning of ranch accommodations. These key positions ensure the various needs of our guests are met during their stay on the ranch. The Crew staff (male and female) will work together in small rotating teams to set and serve meals, assist in the kitchen, complete housekeeping tasks, and provide general programming support for ranch activities.

The western horsemanship program at Deer Valley Ranch is one of the key elements of our summer ranching season. We own and operate a herd of over 60 horses (mainly Quarter Horse types) and run a 3-level riding program (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). We offer trail rides ranging from local, one-hour rides to six-hour backcountry rides and overnight pack trips. We are seeking experienced horsemen and women who also have a passion for teaching and serving our guests in a kind, informative manner.

We are seeking a dynamic, talented tennis coach for the summer 2018 season. The applicant will be able to design and implement both recreational and instructional schedules for guests interested in tennis. A strong knowledge of tennis, the ability to convey that knowledge in an engaging, informative manner, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment is critical. The applicant should have strong communication skills and a desire to provide an exceptional recreational opportunity for our guests.

This position will be responsible for assisting the Director of Hospitality and the Ranch Director will all office management and scheduling tasks. These may include, but are not limited to: answering phone calls, responding to general inquiry emails, assisting guests with reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and gift shop purchases, and assisting with the coordination of ranch-wide schedules. The applicant should possess strong organizational and communication skills, be proficient with Microsoft and Windows programs, and be comfortable working independently. Working to ensure our guests have a positive and streamlined experience while planning the logistics of their vacation is the end-goal for this position.

The Ranch Activities Director will be responsible for orchestrating and coordinating all ranch-wide activities. In the past, these activities have included softball games, square/line dance night, family game night, ultimate s’mores socials, etc. The applicant will have the ability to work with ranch leadership and summer staff to organize volunteers, estimate number of attendees, execute events, and work with ranch-wide schedules. Having an attention to detail, the ability to work independently, and being an engaging, outgoing worker are all critical for this position.

As a Christian family guest and adventure ranch, Deer Valley Ranch is seeking a talented, passionate worship leader for our summer worship services. This position will be responsible for planning, organizing, and leading our twice-weekly worship services. The applicant will be responsible for organizing a worship team, and scheduling/leading weekly rehearsals. Applicant should have at least three years of voice performance experience. Musical instrument talent is strongly recommended, and previous experience with leading worship services is required.

This position is for a dynamic seasonal chef who will be responsible for designing and preparing three meals daily, training and directing a small team of Kitchen Assistants, and operating our full industrial kitchen. The applicant should be comfortable working in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment, have a desire to provide an exceptional dining experience for our guests, and be proficient in all food ordering and cost management processes. The position will run from late April to late September 2018 with room and board provided. The Head Chef will work under the management of the President of Deer Valley Ranch. The applicant is required to have at least three years of culinary experience.


Thank you so much for your interest in working here at Deer Valley Ranch. We pride ourselves in offering a life changing experience for our summer staff and each year we are never disappointed! If you are returning staff or have applied before please note that our process has changed. See below for the complete application process. We look forward getting your application and seeing if you might be a fit for our team!

Application Process:

  1. Fill out application – You can do this either online (see links below) or you can print it and send in a hard copy to Deer Valley Ranch, 16825 County Road 162, Nathrop, CO 81236, Attn: Application Department.
  2. Once we have received it, we will send you an email letting you know that we received it and we would like to set up a “live” video interview either on Skype or Facetime. This will consist of a panel of 2-3 members of our DVR Staff and you. At this point we would like to get to know you better and this is a great platform to be able to do that.
  3. Finally, after the live interview, we will ask you to submit a short creative video (no more than 3-5 min) of yourself doing what you love (could be a sport, a craft, a talent or a hobby… or simply just you being YOU!) ** This step does NOT apply to our Head Chef, Tennis Coach or Office Assistant positions**

Thank you so much for taking this time to complete this application process. Most of our hiring will take place between now and March. We will notify you as soon as possible.

Please note that cell phone submissions are 100% acceptable! Just make sure the audio is clear and the picture isn’t too dark. After filming, you can submit the video in a direct message to the Deer Valley Ranch Facebook page, or email the link to

Below are links to the 2018 Application.

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2018 Application – Returning Staff (PDF)

2018 Staff Application Online

2018 Staff Application (PDF)

Chef Application 2018

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