Summer Season

Horseback Riding

Part of our reinvented horsemanship program at Deer Valley Ranch is the introduction of the Riding Certificate Program. Guests of all ages are able to progress through our tiered riding system while learning about western horsemanship fundamentals and the basics of horse care. Be sure to speak with our Head Wrangler about the program requirements and we look forward to seeing you at the corral!

Wrangler’s Breakfast Ride- One of our most popular rides, our Wrangler’s Breakfast Ride is an easy-going morning trail ride offered on Mondays with start times between 6:35 and 7:15 AM. We ride on local trails to our designated breakfast location with each start time taking a different route. All trails are suitable for beginner riders. We ask that all participants who ride out to breakfast ride back as well. Sign up sheets will be available the evening of Sunday night on a first-come-first serve basis.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours)  

Tailgate Lunch Ride- A new addition to our ride collection, our Tailgate Lunch ride will be a ride to a large, open meadow on Forest Service land near the ranch. This is a ride suitable for beginner riders and we encourage family groups to join us on this family-oriented lunch ride which offers a new and unique experience in our valley. Riding will be split with half occurring before lunch and the other half coming after. Lunch will be a cookout-style summer BBQ where guests will seat themselves for a picnic in the meadow and enjoy the beautiful scenery, family games, and easy-going riding.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours)    

Steak Ride- Bringing back an old classic with a new twist, Deer Valley Ranch is proud to offer our one-of-a-kind Steak Ride. This ride is unique in that there are two options of riding for this event, both tailored to a unique set of guests. The first option is a longer, more advanced ride for riders who may have missed out on the first offering of the Ridge Ride, or those who would like to enjoy it later in the afternoon on their way to a mouthwatering steak dinner in the mountains. Again, this option is recommended for more advanced riders who are comfortable ascending the ridge.
(Riding Time: Approximately 3 Hours)        

The second option is a family friendly version of the ride, intended for families who would still like to participate in our steak dinner but may not have the riding experience or may have children without the proper experience for the more advanced ride. This ride cruises our guests through the valley and up the High Road on our way to the dinner location. Again, this ride is intended for those riders who are less experienced or would prefer a simpler ride to end out their week.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours) 

Sometimes the best rides begin outside of our corral. We trailer the horses to a place even higher, farther out and more stunning than our immediate surroundings. You can decide which memory-making rides are on your DVR bucket list!

Broadview Ride- A new ride being offered this year is our Broadview Specialty Ride. This ride departs from the corral and spends two hours exploring some of the local area, never before ridden by Deer Valley Ranch. With scenic views from a shallow ridge overlooking the Mount Princeton Resort, as well as easy terrain through splendid forest and mountain trails, this ride is suitable for all riders. This is a basic trail ride, intended to get our guests out and exploring new areas near Deer Valley and getting them comfortable in the saddle again.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours)  

Cogan’s Ranch Ride- Cogan’s Ranch Ride is the first of our weekly trips venturing off the ranch’s immediate property. We trailer our guests and horses to the main basin of the Arkansas River Valley and ride to an open area on Mr. Cogan’s cattle ranch. The ride offers breath-taking views of the Collegiate Peaks and the surrounding 14ers as well as the opportunity for some more advanced riding fundamentals. This is a flat ride that is easy in the saddle and readily adjustable based on the group’s lowest level of experience.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours)      

Sunset S’mores Ride- The Sunset S’mores ride is a pleasant evening trail ride for riders of all experience levels. We take our guests through the local valley and up the High Road as the sun sets down the valley. We will head to a beautiful bonfire location where guests will enjoy s’mores and time around the fire enjoying God’s creation. Guests will ONLY ride horseback TO the bonfire location and will be brought down via vehicle or hiking if they so choose as it will be after dusk.
(Riding Time: Approximately 30-45 minutes)   

Ridge Ride- Our Ridge Ride is a more advanced ride that offers magnificent views of our valley and some of the surrounding area just over the southern ridge. The ride features walking along a trail set into the side of the ridge up to flat land that offers more views of the eastern mountains. While all the trails are safe, the height and lack of barriers on the ridge trail may intimidate inexperienced riders. It offers some of our best views, but it is highly recommended that beginners take a refresher ride prior.
(Riding Time: Approximately 2 Hours)         

Alpine Lake Ride- The Alpine Lake Ride is an adventure-style horse ride, designed as an all-day event for families and individuals alike to participate in. We trailer our horses and guests out to a predetermined trailhead for one of the many local alpine lakes. Guests will be loaded onto their horses and ride approximately 3-4 miles to the lake through marvelous scenery and landscape. Once they have arrived at the lake, guests will dismount and spend the next few hours enjoying in a picnic lunch served by our staff with the option to participate in a multitude of activities including fishing and photography, as well as leisure activities the guests may choose to bring with. Guests will remount later in the afternoon, follow their wrangler back to the trailer, and be back on the ranch with time to get ready for dinner.
(Riding Time: Approximately 3 Hours)
(Total Adventure Time: Approximately 8 hours) 

Backcountry Ride- A favorite among our most avid riders, the Backcountry Ride is an all-day endeavor that we encourage our dedicated riders to consider. Because of the time spent in the saddle with minimal breaks, this ride may not be suitable for younger riders. With this ride, we trailer our guests well off the ranch property where you will experience every form of terrain Buena Vista has to offer as well as stopping to enjoy a sack lunch on the trail. The riding is not exceedingly difficult, however riding time is significant, making it more challenging.
(Riding Time: Approximately 6 Hours)        

If you are uncertain if any of our rides would be suitable for you or any member of your family, we ask that you speak with our Head Wrangler after your first hour ride and prior to the ride list being posted for the ride you are interested in to ensure you can secure a spot. Riding time is based on the time spent in the saddle, not total time of the trip so be mindful in planning your activities. All rides are subject to changing weather conditions, horse availability, and trailer space.


Want to learn the basics of fly fishing? casting? what kinds of bait to use? Our fishing guides are happy to get you started!
In following with the wisdom of “ask a local,” our guides will provide points of interest for your fishing adventure. From high mountain lakes to the nearby rivers and creeks, there is amazing scenery and amazing fishing for all.
If you are ready for a greater fishing adventure, check out our half-day/full-day fishing expeditions with Ark Anglers!


We want you to see the sights as much as you do. Ask any of our staff for info on some of the most beautiful terrain in all of creation.
The area around Deer Valley Ranch provides as much hiking as you can handle. Some of the best hiking take 4-5 hours, allowing you to experience all the Rockies have to offer and still be back in time for supper!
The Rocky Mountains offer some of the most beautiful places to explore, but also some of the most rugged. From backcountry trails to a guided 14er summit attempt, there is an outdoor challenge for all.

Kids and Teens

Your kids will have so much fun, they won’t want to go home!
We won’t share the wifi password with your teens unless you approve. Instead, we will keep them busy with great activities like rock climbing, capture the flag after dark, ultimate s’mores and much more!

Evening Activities

One of the most anticipated events during the week, square dance is change for you to show off your moves, learn a few new ones and meet new friends.
Sit back, relax and laugh as the staff entertain you with music, comedy and more!
Bring the family to gather around a bonfire where you will meet new friends, and enjoy a delicious variety of S’mores and drinks!

Around The Area

Launch a lifetime memory when your family rafts the Arkansas River through Browns Canyon National Monument. Class III-IV rapids take you through Brown’s Canyon with its majestic granite walls and unique rock formations. You have the option to paddle yourself or just hang on during Colorado’s #1 whitewater raft trip.

*prices subject to change for Noah’s Ark rafting in 2018

The entire family will enjoy this aerial park with zip lines, high rope bridges, a giant swing and more. With 66 challenge elements overlook the Arkansas River, you pick the level of challenge just right for you whether it’s introductory or hard-core thrills.

Two nine-hole golf courses, both with amazing mountain views, are located short distances from the ranch. Collegiate Peaks Golf Course in Buena Vista and Salida Golf Club both offer great rates on green fees and rentals. Experience high altitude golfing at its best.
Pick your Pass: Hancock, Tincup, Monarch, Cottonwood, Hayden. These passes as well as several lakes, creeks, and ridges make for true off-the-beaten-path adventures via ATV or four-wheeler. We can recommend both rental and tour options in the area.
At the end of our road is St. Elmo, a hub for supplies arriving by train for the gold and silver mining in the late 1800s. Now, it’s a hub for children (and adults!) feeding the numerous chipmunks and ground squirrels, for visitors getting a glimpse of another era in the windows of original town buildings, and for photographers shooting once-in-a-lifetime images of aspens, mountain peaks, and times-gone-by.
Just one mile down the road, this resort provides numerous modes of relaxation.
Create your own hot springs pool with stones and the natural geothermal springs in the creek bed. Mt. Princeton also offers an exercise pool, soaking pool, water slide and more!


Centrally located on the ranch are two swimming pools and two outdoor hot tubs, all with pumped in hot springs water. Deck chairs invite book-reading and napping. The sounds of children playing Marco Polo remind you that it is okay to just relax with no agenda. The hot tubs are especially inviting at night under our amazing star-filled sky.
Stop by and grab your favorite coffee drink, then head out on the deck for some much-needed quiet time, a friendly conversation or a good book. Whatever you decide to do, no stress allowed!
A vacation isn’t a true escape without a little “me” time. Schedule a deep tissue or Swedish massage for after that horseback ride or hike. Our licensed massage therapist will ensure you’ve never felt better and you don’t even have to leave the ranch!


Tasty tradition meets flavorful flair in the meals we serve. From our famous cinnamon rolls (people buy them by the dozen) perfected by Sue DeWalt to a Mexican Buffet with make-your-own tacos and burritos and hot, hand-turned sopaipillas, ranch food will not disappoint. Bountiful buffets, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade baked goods, succulent meats, and delightful desserts will make sure you’ve got plenty to go on for that next ride, hike, or climb.
It’s true. Some food just tastes better cooked and served outdoors. Wrangler’s Breakfast offers lots of cowboy fare from scrambled eggs and grits to bacon and coffee out of a tin cup. At Cookout Lunch, don’t skip the cowboy cookies, made with the same tried and true recipe passed on by Clara Woolmington.
Dietary restrictions? No problem. With advance notice, our talented food and beverage manager can prepare delicious options for gluten-free and vegetarian diets, food allergies, and more.